Boardpaq Review


If you decided to use the opportunities of the digital age and conduct boards in the online format, then you are probably wondering which service to choose for this? Here is more about Boardpaq software.

The purpose of board management software

The board is the collective governing body of the company. Collective governing bodies have their peculiarities of functioning, which determine their serious advantages over the sole governing bodies when solving a certain range of issues.  The use of the board of directors in the management system provides many benefits for the company. But the main advantages include:

  • making more informed decisions,
  • reducing the level of risks of the company’s activities,
  • the possibility of substitutions in the event of the departure of any of the leaders,
  • the emergence of new ideas,
  • the activation of participants,
  • the formation of a more creative environment,
  • better coordination of actions,
  • mutual understanding,
  • creation of conditions for the formation of corporate culture, etc.

All this, ultimately, contributes to an increase in the investment attractiveness of a company, the formation of its competitive advantages, increased instability, and overall efficiency.

Project management is one of the most challenging tasks in modern organizations. Project management is used in many types of projects, from software development to the development of next-generation fighter aircraft. To complete a project successfully, the board or project management team must be supported by a suite of tools. One of them is board management software which helps to organize the workflow more productively and accelerate decision-making. The use of such software usually makes things easier for project managers and also standardizes the work and work routines of the project manager. The board software is one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of the Board of Directors, the level of its influence on the company’s activities.

What is Boardpaq?

According to the BoardPaq review, the software is suitable for those who seek simplicity. It is a “cloud” easy-to-use service, as you will not need to download any programs. But despite this, the service is quite versatile.

BoardPaq enables a secure working environment and efficient board communication. The software allows you to organize meetings, chat and make business calls both within the organization and outside it in the same application.

It is an online conference portal that combines elements of a social network, an electronic office, and a collaboration environment. Provides the ability to host and host online video conferencing and online seminars, manage participant rights, and set up webinar demos. No software installation is required.

This tool is especially useful if you plan to hold regular board meetings. You just rent a virtual room where your listeners gather. Typically, portals provide the following features:

  • Video and audio broadcasting;
  • Multifunctional online chat;
  • Demonstration of related materials;
  • Connection of several presenters;
  • Conducting surveys;
  • Drawing board;
  • Board recording;
  • Desktop demonstration.

BoardPaq provides the following capabilities for a board:

  • Regardless of your skill level, you can run with BoardPaq’s simple layout in just a few moments. With BoardPaq’s intelligent admin center, you can manage or organize everything in one place. There is also a possibility to divide the tasks among your groups using multiple administrator rights.
  • Everything is available in the cloud to speed up meeting arrangements, systematize committees, request votes, exchange files, obtain feedback, and conduct surveys.